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The Art of Living Out Loud ( is a personal development blog that offers original high quality articles on meaningful work, joyful living and taking smart risks. The blog is a one-woman labor of love of Vee Somphon, former journalist, Asian American writer and management consultant.

Photo Credit:  Nancy Hall, Still 'n Motion Photography  

Photo Credit:  Nancy Hall, Still 'n Motion Photography


My name is Vee Somphon. I am a former journalist, management consultant and Asian American writer. I teach businesses how to gather risk intelligence and develop a risk management program to protect their brands. I also coach high potential leaders who require an intensive and systematic approach to leadership development.

In addition to consulting, I write about success habits and what it means to live a good life. I like to call it Vee-Va Voom! You can find my articles here and other well-regarded publications. Three other things you may want to know about me:

  • Fortune 100 management experience
  • Former television newsroom writer/producer
  • MBA, and Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

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I hope to use my personal story and the many lessons learned to inspire others to live a good life. As a war refugee and an Asian American raised in three cultures, I'm intimate with setbacks, change and adversity. I escaped a bombing, was forced to live in a refugee camp, became homeless in America and for two months, slept on a stranger's living room floor before being united with the rest of my family. All these events occurred before my eighth birthday. 

Prior to entrepreneurship, I led a team that manages a global risk management program for a Fortune 100 company. Large companies, forced to answer to their stakeholders (e.g. shareholders, customers, regulators and the media), are focused on compliance and risk mitigation. Lawsuits and brand damage are costly. The ability to mitigate risks against innovation is a delicate balancing act for companies.

From what I gleaned after having worked with three Fortune 500 companies, I set out to develop my own set of methods and philosophy. I offer business clients customized risk profile reports, risk management training and end-to-end risk program development. For individual coaching clients, I offer a practical set of toolbox that is proven, repeatable and easy to do, so that over time, the things they put into practice feel second nature.

Prior to my corporate career, I worked in television news. I started out interning at KTVK on their assignment desk. Between a full load of classes, my news internship, and holding down a full-time job, I also sat in as the news anchor and reporter for a local cable news program.

After graduating from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and with less than $300 in my pocket, I took off on a solo road trip to find work. For a week, I called up any news directors willing to see me. No job offer on that trip, but that story and the experience helped me land my first TV gig at KPNX. Both stations, KPNX and KTVK, were ranked top 20 in the nation.

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