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The Art of Living Out Loud ( is a personal development blog that offers original high quality articles on meaningful work, joyful living and taking smart risks. The blog is a one-woman labor of love of Vee Somphon, former journalist, Asian American writer and management consultant.


Welcome! The Art of Living Out Loud is a personal development blog that embraces creativity, taking smart risks, and explores what it means to live a good life. I like to call it Vee-Va-Voom! As a war refugee and an Asian-American raised in three cultures, I hope to use my personal story and multicultural perspective to help others find and achieve their own Vee-Va-Voom!



Living Out Loud is an intention, a core philosophy and a way of life. It is the guiding principle behind the Vee-Va-Voom Life! Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book:

“To live out loud is to live fully, no toe dipping in the shallow pool but a cannon ball into the deep end. To live out loud is to live boldly in the presence of fear, risks and uncertainty, and let my actions be driven by great love, service, and passion. To live out loud is to live not in the shadows of other’s values and expectations but in full light of my own values that are forged from experience and all that I find to be as soul resonating truth.”

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